About This Project

“Wine fills the heart with thoughts of love and makes it prompt to catch on fire.” (Publius Ovidius Naso)

With the end of the hot season, the grapes are ready to be harvested and processed.

You will fully experience the grape harvest and the whole wine production process, of which the Apulia region holds the national record.




The tour begins with a visit to the farm, guided by an expert.

You will try the grape harvest by hand. Subsequently you will follow the transfer of the grapes to the cellar, where the processing is completed.

The experience will end with a wine tasting.

All products presented are available to purchase on site or can be shipped to your address.


August - September - October


60 to 120 minutes

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 6 maximum 10 participants


Italian / English

Gift included

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