Both graduated in Engineering, Elisa and Alessandro have been involved in the hospitality industry for a long time.

Today they are firmly convinced that what makes a holiday unique, apart from the landscapes, are the experiences that the territory may offer.

Being Apulia the land of olive oil and stone par excellence, it’s not surprising they have started from an ancient underground oil mill dating back to the 1600s.

Looking for the best, non-invasive way to deliver the experience of the ancient times to their guests, Elisa and Alessandro decided to apply their engineering expertise to the enhancement of the territory, introducing the use of Augmented Reality.

Following a laser scan of the site, a realistic reconstruction of the rooms has been created so that the visitor can immerse himself, using VR goggles, inside a mill of the 1600s.

A unique, exciting experience that connects you with the place and allows you to better understand its story; an immersion in the ancient times, when people used to live and work in this narrow place, with sacrifice and absolute dedication.

This was the starting point for the development of other experiences related to the peculiar features of the territory.

We are waiting for you to live these experiences together.

We will be happy to show you how the different facets of this territory are connected, and we are confident that you will cherish in your memories our Salento and its stories.

To support our activities and associative projects we have designed a line of products, made directly by us or by others local fine producers.

All these products are intended as tributes to the pristine beauty of our traditions, our gastronomy and the history of this place.

The Olive Oil, lifeblood from which this land has drawn its strength to establish itself in the world; the Myrtle, the Fig, the Prickly Pear, icons of the marvelous countryside that surrounds the ancient villages and the cliffs overlooking the sea; the Frisella, peasant food, ancient and undisputed symbol of simplicity and genuineness; the Taralli.

The Lecce Stone: we present a small selection of furnishing objects, pieces of the past that comes from the sea as they often reveal fragments of fossils dating back to the Miocene.

The Terracotta: we offer a Lantern, shaped after the one that illuminated the ancient hypogeum mills, and the Corals, our tribute to the beauty and colors of our sea.

And finally our crochet creations: bags, t-shirts, pencil covers. All rigorously handmade from high quality materials, always following Tradition because:

“Antiquitas saeculi juventus mundi [The age of antiquity is the youth of the world, Sir Francis Bacon]”. 

In addition to our services for accommodation facilities, tour operators and individuals, Apulia Stories offers a program of guided tours and workshops for schools (kindergartens – elementary – middle and high schools), also providing shuttle and/or bus service, according to different needs.

Apulia Stories is a “PIN” winner Project – Initiative promoted by the Youth Policies of the Puglia Region and ARTI and financed with resources from ESF – PO Puglia 2014/2020 Action 8.4 and from the Fund for Development and Cohesion.


Eng. Elisa Mele – Technical Department




Eng. Alessandro Conoci –  Administrative Area



Apulia stories” comes from the desire of Elisa and Alessandro to narrate the Apulia region through real “emotional experiences”.

In a territory rich in history, architecture, tradition, nature, food and wine, Apulia Stories promotes an experiential tourism that involves all 5 senses.

Elisa and Alessandro, our “experience directors”, take our guests by the hand and guide them through a journey in a magic and unique land.

A journey through landscapes of stones, silence and peace, colors and scents that evoke distant memories. A journey through emotions.

From a simple spectator, the tourist becomes a protagonist of unique moments.