About This Project

Olive oil will guide us in a journey through beauty and taste. Known and appreciated since ancient times, olive oil is a completely organic product, without any chemical solvents, and a true ally for your health.

Over the last decades, olive oil has been re- evaluated and today it’s one of the most loved and exported Italian food products in the world.




The tour starts inside a state-of-the-art oil mill, where experts will illustrate to you the production process.

But the real experience will take place in the countryside, among centuries- old and younger olive groves, where you will learn to recognize the different varieties. Later, we’ll proceed with the hand harvest.

After a brief break, we’ll return to the factory for the “milling” process.

We’ll finish with a tasting of the fresh product, combined with local delicacies.

At the end of the the tour, we will be happy to honour our guests with a 1L bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

All products presented are available to purchase on site or can be shipped to your address.


November to January


60 to 120 minutes

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 6 maximum 10 participants


Italian / English

Gift included

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