About This Project

For many people around the world, Salento means “Pasticciotto”! A traditional dessert, as old and authentic as our territory, Pasticciotto was born by chance from the genius of a brilliant chef in Galatina in the 1700s. In Galatina we will learn from a pastry chef all the secrets behind these treasures of deliciousness and beauty. This is a fully immersive experience: hats and aprons on, cutters and recipe in hand, everyone will get to work as a pastry chef for a day. Finally, we will gather in the living room to taste the sweet delicacies we just made.


All year round, by reservation only


120 minutes (Tuesdays: from 5 to 7 pm)

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 5 maximum 10 participants


Italian / English

Gift included