About This Project

A journey into the womb of the Earth, inside an entirely hand-dug ancient hypogeum oil mill, well preserved thanks to unprecedented restoration techniques. Our guests, immersed in the hypogean atmosphere lit by oil lanterns recovered on site and reproduced according to the ancient customs, wear their VR visors and live an “immersive” experience, finding themselves in a full operating oil mill of the 1600s. A unique cultural experience, in which technology reconnects us with the history of our land, reenacting the sacrifice and hard work at the base of the most important economic activity of our past: the production and trade of lamp oil.



Guided tour of the oil mill combined with avant-garde technology which allows the guests to visualize the ancient facility, immersed in a seventeenth-century atmosphere.



  • Guided tasting of extra-virgin olive oil extracted from hundred years old monumental trees, typical of our land.
  • Tasting of the traditional “meal of the olive oil miller”.
  • Mise-en-scène of historic life and work scenarios performed by a professional theater company.
  • Narration of traditional stories for children in the ancient cistern.

All year round, by reservation only


60 minutes

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 2 maximum 10 participants



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