About This Project

Every place is at its best at a particular time of the day. And the Lighthouse of Punta Palascìa is at the peak of its beauty at dawn. A journey to a Lighthouse is undoubtedly one the most intense “emotional experiences” we offer. Punta Palascìa is located right at Italy’s most easterly point, where the Sun rises before any other place in the country. The view is breathtaking. All around us, everywhere we look, is just sea.




With the first lights of the day we will take you to the top, inside the lantern room of the Punta Palascìa lighthouse. We will continue with a visit to the other rooms of the lighthouse, where we will tell you the story of the place. Finally, you can enjoy your breakfast “with a view” on the beautiful terrace. On request, the tour can continue to the discovery of a marvelous cove which embraces with its golden sands our wonderful crystal clear sea.




  • Tasting of the traditional “meal of the lighthouse keeper”.
  • Theatrical Perfomance: “Homage to the Sea”

All year round, by reservation only


60 to 180 minutes

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 4 maximum 10 participants



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