About This Project

A journey into Stone, Mother of Salento architecture. The stone our Baroque style buildings, our small towns, our countryside villas and masserias are made of. The same stone that we extract from our quarries. Deep crevices have been gouged into the ground to extract this precious material: pale, tender, warm, unique! We will walk from the small village of Cursi to the enchanting town of Melpignano. Here the Stone will tell us its stories, myths and legends, through the voice of the people that live here and love this land above everything.




This experience starts in Cursi, in the heart of the Salento mining area, through quarries and trails, gardens and other unexpected wonders. The tour continues by foot until we reach the village of Melpignano, a place where the stone, cold and rigid in appearance, narrate itself and provide you a with great “emotional experience”.




Tasting of the traditional “meal of the quarryman”.

Theatrical Perfomance: “Homage to Stone”


All year round, by reservation only


90 minutes

Recommended for

Adults / Kids - minimum 2 maximum 10 participants


Italian / English